Fly a helicopter yourself? Yes! You are in the pilot’s seat, hands and feet on the controls yourself as you pilot a helicopter through the skies! Freedom!!

That is what you’ll get with this experience. Whether you are looking for a great birthday present with friends, a rush, or are looking into achieving your pilot licence – then this is the perfect experience for you!

When you arrive you will be thoroughly briefed on what the flight will entail. This includes the controls, what they do and how to use them. You will then be taken for a walk around the helicopter and shown all the controls and how a helicopter works – here there will be plenty of photo opportunities. After a safety briefing you will be strapped into the pilot’s seat and get ready for take-off!

The experienced instructor will do the take-off phase and once at a safe altitude, will hand over the controls one at a time, so you use each control individually to see the results of inputs, before being put in full control of the helicopter. The instructor will talk you through each control and show you how to use them during the flight so you can confidently pilot the machine yourself and you experience the ultimate freedom of operating in a 3D world!

You will also be witness to the beauty of local topography and views of the beautiful ranges and plains.

Be warned: once you have piloted a helicopter you will be addicted!

$NZ 295

Duration – Actual flight time is 30 minutes, please allow 1 hour for the entire experience.