Starter Package (NZ$2995)

This package will give you 5 hours of flight training in a Robinson R22 or 2.3 hours in a Robinson R44, a CAA Pilots logbook to record your flights and all the study material including the exam fee for the first subject.

Private Pilot’s License

Would you like to learn how to fly a helicopter? Then you’re at the right place.

We have a great selection of aircraft for you to train in with our experienced and helpful instructors.

During the practical part of the course you will be taught all about flying a helicopter. Lessons will consist of a briefing in advance, flying practice and a de-briefing, during which the exercises will be evaluated. A large range of exercises will be done in the course, as well as practicing emergency procedures.

The theoretical part of the PPL course (6 subjects) can be done at our flight school in Palmerston North, but are often self-studied in combination with our helpful theory notes from the home study package.

To be able to take the practical exam, you will need to fulfill a number of legal requirements. First of all, the level of skill needs to be high enough. Secondly there is a minimum number of flight hours required; 50 hours, of which you will need to fly solo for a minimum of 15 hours and spend 20 hours on dual flight training with your instructor. The actual number of hours spent flying during the course will, of course, vary per student. You will also have to have a Class 2 Medical certificate.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

The course for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a modular course. This means that you will need to get your PPL before you can start the CPL course. The CPL course consists of 6 subjects, which all need to be finished within the qualifying period of 3 years and the written examination credit is then valid for three years from the date of issue.

The theoretical part of the CPL course can be done with us at our Flight School here at Palmerston North in a classroom environment. The theoretical subjects can be done in either a day- or an evening course there. The day course will take about 14 weeks (this includes the PPL subjects) and the evening course up to 1 year.

The exercises of the CPL course are in many ways similar to the PPL course. However, the requirements for experience and accuracy are higher. The legally required number of flight hours for the CPL exam is 150. A minimum of 35 hours dual instruction and 35 hours solo flight. You will have to have a class 1 medical certificate to be able to sit the commercial flight test. The CPL license allows you to be employed commercially for hire and reward.

If you have any questions regarding the course or how to start a career as a helicopter pilot, we are happy to give you the answers. Contact us through the contact page on this site or call to make an informal appointment with one of our staff members at our Palmerston North base.

Instructor Rating (C cat / B cat)

Whether you have just finished your commercial license, want to add an instructor rating to your license or wish to go to the next level of instruction, we can help you out!

With our great facilities and working flight school we are able to offer you a realistic and professional environment to achieve your goals.

Please contact us to discuss your options and requirements.

Advanced Training

HeliSolutions offers industry specific training under Part 141 Aviation Training ltd for various roles in the commercial helicopter environment. It prepares students or experienced pilots to advance their skills and to address the growing demand for highly skilled pilots in the EMS and commercial environment. This advanced training is offered by senior instructors who have a great deal of industry experience.


Rescue crewman / winch operator, Rescue pilot winch operations, rappelling, Human Sling and light to medium twin engine aircraft training (BO 105, AS 355 and BK 117)

Type Ratings

The first course (PPL) is usually given in our Robinson R22 which accommodates 2 people. After you have received your PPL / CPL license, you can fly that specific aircraft. To fly any other type of helicopter, additional courses with their respective exams are required. We call these courses ‘type ratings’.

HeliSolutions offers type ratings for all its helicopter types or ask us for any helicopter type specific to your requirements.

Check Flights

Here at Helisolutions we also offer Biennial Flight reviews, Flight Crew Competency Checks and Flight testing by our experienced B or A Category Instructor / Flight testing officers.

These check flights can be done at our base or any location as required. You have the option to fly the check in one of our aircraft or supply your own aircraft.

Kids’ Corner

At Helisolutions we believe children and teenagers are the future of our industry. After all, the fascination with flying knows no age restriction. This is why we offer special birthday parties or just a day out as a group with helicopter flights on request.

In order to make the fascination of helicopters and helicopter flying possible for every child, HeliSolutions is able to arrange event parties for children’s birthdays, Scout clubs, air cadets, etc. The party or event can be organised and booked according to individual requirements. Irrespective of the number of people, the offers range from helicopter visits to helicopter flights.

“Why does a helicopter fly?” is the subject of a classroom briefing, prepared specially for children, a 10-minute theoretical explanation of the functioning of helicopters. Then a visit to our hangar and helicopters starts. Here they can actually sit in a helicopter themselves. Supervised by helicopter pilots and flight instructors, no questions remain unanswered here. On this occasion, photos for certificates are also taken at the same time – every child receives a children’s helicopter certificate.

Helicopter flights are optional and the age and size of the children must also be taken into consideration. All prices will be based on the size of the group and any specific requirements of the group.

Ground School

At our Palmerston North base we have several class rooms set up for your ground school and theory courses. Wether you are looking to do your private or commercial license theory subjects, a flight instructors course or any of our advanced training courses, we offer a good study environment with support from our on site instructors.

We also have self study packages for all PPL, CPL and instructor subjects. This is a correspondence type of course and it allows you to study at your own pace or at set intervals by yourself.

Please contact us for the latest course dates and pricing.